Version 4.0 Changes

This update includes an updated interface, new tilesets, bug fixes, and - yes - advertisements.

Year of the Rabbit tile decorations. You can change tile decorations in settings in the top right corner - even during a game!

Updated American Mahjong Dragons & Joker Tiles!

What's with the ads?

Servers cost money - and while I've worked hard to keep costs low, significant expenses are still unavoidable, especially as the Mahjong 4 Friends playerbase has grown. Ads will allow me to continue to provide a free, unlimited game play mode.

I don't like ads!

I’ve tried to keep the ads as unobtrusive as possible, so there aren't very many - ads occupy less than 1% of playing time. If you prefer ad-free play, subscriptions are available in the store (Android/iOS only), at $5.99/year for a single game mode, and $9.99/year or $0.99/month for premium (all modes).

The store can be found in the top left corner from the home or the room screen.

Is Premium better than other subscriptions?

Yes. Premium applies to all variants, and also provides ad-free gameplay to all users in rooms you host.

Can I get a discount?

As a thank you to those who have helped make Mahjong 4 Friends better for everyone - by recommending changes that have been implemented and reporting software bugs - I’m happy to provide a promo code for 90 days of premium. If this applies to you, please send an email to [email protected] including the platform you play on (Android or iOS).

That's all for this update! As always, feel free to send me an email at [email protected] if you have questions, or suggestions for how to improve the game.