Voices, Video, and More!

Ready to ramp up your game? This update brings a variety of new features and improvements.

Real-Time Voice and Video Chat (EXPERIMENTAL!)

You can now communicate with other players while in multiplayer games! No more hassles with Zoom means more time for Mahjong! Please note that this feature is experimental, so please report glitches to [email protected]. Some connection issues may be solved using the sync button/reload icon near the bottom right hand corner.

Android users: If you struggle to adjust volume, try adjusting media volume (you might need to open the volume menu - the device sometimes defaults to call volume, which is incorrect). This is a Google bug, and they are working on a fix.

Matchmaking (meeting other players through Mahjong 4 Friends) is planned for a future update.

Mahjong with me, myself, and I!

Buttons are Moving!

Some tweaks were made to the sizes and locations of commonly used buttons. While these changes might be confusing in the near term, they significantly reduce the risk of misclicks.

The history button is no longer next to the New Game and End Game buttons - no more accidentally ending games you wanted to play again!

Support & Tutorial Overhauls!

An overhaul of tutorials is underway, and a support page is under construction. Guidance to try features like suggested hands, as well as extensive support resources (purchases, gameplay, etc) will begin appearing.

New support resources will be appearing soon. Expect updates to tutorial videos in the near future.

Changes to Ads

Rollout of parts of the Fewer Ads initative were delayed, and will begin with this update.

The personalized advertising prompt. For more details about personalized advertisements, please read Fewer Ads

Other Changes

Other improvements are also included in this update, including a game configuration setting to disable sorting of the discard pile. Due to space constraints, a full list of changes cannot be included.

That's all for now! As always, feel free to send me an email at [email protected] if you have questions, or suggestions for how to improve the game.